hello i'm peter (they/them/their) and when i'm not thinking about video games i'm probably asleep



ATTN. ALL TUMBLR USERS: as of today, Tumblr staff has come to consensus and decided that the new memes are:

  • beef skewers
  • Goblin Sphere
  • the color mega-green, which is at least 48% better & cooler than regular green, no matter what Randy may try to tell you, the lying asshole
  • friends & beloved family members

i feel lousy

i hope i feel less lousy tomorrow

anyways i might be going to bed soon so i’m gonna leave this here (warning for really loud audio in the last few seconds of the video)

you are 2 decades old my son, how does that make you feel?

well so far i’ve cried twice tonight from happiness, i’ve got really bad heartburn and my head hurts

so uh

it definitely makes me feel something

anyways im 20 years old and still really confused about basically everything. WHats up